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Home Sports Day

We are inviting all our pupils to take part in our ‘Home Sports Day’.

Each day during the week beginning 29th June we shall post two games for your child to have a go at. The activities will use equipment that you will have at home and will be activities that you should be able to do in your garden, living room, bedroom or even your kitchen!

The activities will be posted at about 9am through ClassDojo, Twitter (@SnarestoneP), and on the ‘Home Sports Day’ page of our website which can be found via the ‘Home Learning’ tab.

You can either do the activities each day, or save them up for a big family sports day on Friday or next weekend. On Friday we’ll post a certificate which you can download for your child.

We would love it if you can post pictures and movies of our pupils taking part in the activities. These can be posted through ClassDojo, on Twitter or emailing them to

Good luck!!

DAY 1:

Home Sports Day: Our first activities are . . .
1. Rubbish bin basketball - scrunch up some used paper (or use a sponge ball if you have one) and see how many times you can get it in the bin/box. Move further away to challenge yourself. You can have 10 goes.
2. Egg and spoon - how many lengths of the garden/room can you do in a minute? If you drop it, pick it up and carry on. You might need to boil the egg first (or use a small ball).

We can't wait to see your photos!

DAY 2:

Home Sports Day: Our Day 2 activities are . . .
1. Beanbag challenge - walk from one end of your garden (or biggest room in your house) to the other with a beanbag (or socks rolled into a ball) balanced on your head. How long does it take you? Can you beat your score? Can you add some obstacles to go over or round, or even climb the stairs?
2. How many claps? - how many claps can you do when you throw a ball (or scrunched up paper) in the air? As a challenge you could catch one-handed.

DAY 3:

Home Sports Day: Our Day 3 activities are . . .
1. Water race - fill a bowl with water at one end of the room or garden. Fill a cup and race to an empty bowl/sink at the other end. Race back. How many cups of water can you put in the bowl/sink in a minute?
2. Target golf challenge - place a cup/pan on its side for a 'hole. Use a small ball and shoot it into the 'hole' using hands/feet/dust pan brush etc. How many shots do you need to get it in the hole? Add obstacles to make it more challenging.

DAY 4:

Home Sports Day: Our Day 4 activities are . . .
1. Keepie-uppies - how many 'keepie-uppies' can you do? Use some scrunched up paper, a soft ball or a balloon and use your hand (or any other part of your body) to keep it in the air.
2. Speed bounce - how many jumps can you do in a minute over an object?

DAY 5:

Home Sports Day: Our Day 5 activities are . . .
1. Hop, skip, jump - how far can you hop, skip and jump? If you don't have enough space, just do a standing long jump.
2. Obstacle course - make up your own obstacle course, either inside or outside, e.g. crawl under the table, walk across the sofa etc.

Well done - you have completed the all the activities! Attached below is a certificate that you can print off!

 Home Sports Day Certificate.docxDownload
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